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Aug 07, 2008:
Firefox 3.x Hindi is in the process of release and its builds from different platforms are ready to test. Please test it by downloading from here...



Fuel is the first glossary project based on the idea of collaboration and openness. Also it is the first project for creating computing techincal terminology that takes whole desktop in totallity.


- Sarai
- Hans
- Indlinux
- Bhojpuri
- Maithili
- Literature India


- Kramashah
- Ravi Ratlami


FUEL (Frequently Used Entries for Localization) aims at solving the Problem of Inconsistency and Lack of standardization in Computer Software Translation across the platform for all Languages. It will try to provide a standardized and consistent look of computer for a language computer users.The effort of FUEL is unique. It is a set of steps any content generating organization or a team involved in creating localized content can undertake and adopt to ensure consistently highly quality. Including this FUEL is having a version control system allowing evolution of terms, a bug tracker and ticketing system and a mailing list. Collaborative innovation is a most important aspect. In the process finally it is able to allow inclusiveness and participation with openness and transparency.

Evaluation Meet

Initiated and organized by Red Hat at its Pune office on 12-13 July 2008, Fuel Hindi Evaluation Meet sucessfully completed and came with a evaluated Fuel Hindi list of 578 entries.  For two full day, all active contributors of Hindi Localization Community with linguists and technical expert sat together to decide a standard replacement for entries that are coming on menu & sub-menus of desktop and applications used very frequentely. The released list contains the current translation with the evaluated one that is going to be used for the repective entries. No doubt, this meet got great help from the experince of Hindi Review Workshops organized by Sarai and Indlinux during the evaluation of Fuel Hindi.

Current Status

Fuel Hindi is a project under Fuel and it aims at having a standardzied desktop accross the platform. Community Evaluation step already completed and now fuel Hindi is in the state of implementation of fuel and its implementation is currentely happening for Firefox. You can find more details and fuel-hindi to download from the fuel-hindi page.